Junior Ju-Jitsu ( Age 6+)

We teach Respect, Discipline, Control and Confidence along with the skills necessary defend oneself from bullies.

We keep the traditional roots and values of Ju-Jitsu whilst practising effective techniques that can be used for Self Defence.

Classes include:

  • Warm up & Cool down games

  • Effective Blocking

  • Accurate Striking/Kicking

  • Takedowns & Throws

  • Grappling & Sparring

  • Defending assaults 

Class Times

Tuesday 6pm-7pm(Open to all)

Tuesday 7pm-8pm (Green belts and above)

Saturday 9.30am-10.30am Mixed  


We have a mixed class on Saturdays and Tuesdays that is suitable for Adults and Juniors together. We find its a great way for families to train together.