Goshinkwai Seminar

Some great training this afternoon, thank you to all those who came and supported the session. Its great to see everyone improving and teach something that can't be covered in class due to the nature of the system. 


Ju-Jitsu Grading

Congratulations to all those who passed there Combat Ju-Jitsu Grading on Sunday.

It was a great to see both the Juniors and Adults performing so well and especially the confidence that is being shown.

Keep up the good work and well done.  


Ju-Jitsu Grading

We are looking forward to the Ju-Jitsu grading this Sunday.

Everyone has been practising hard and learning there syllabus for the past few month, it is now time to show what you have learnt. Good luck to all those grading and keep up the good work. 

Goshinkwai Seminar

Great to see more people on the mat for this seminar and hoping it continues. It is always good to see seminars building and this is what we hoped.

Its great to have variety and introduce you all to a deeper understanding of the art. Well done to all those who attended, great effort and understanding.


Sdf grading

Excellent effort and variety shown today by those grading in Sdf. Congratulations to those who passed and nice to see such high standards. It showed that those who are training regularly are gaining valueable skills and confidence. Keep up the great work and commitment it's a skill you won't lose. 

Seminar and grading

Great seminar today covering advanced applications and knife fighting. Something very different to the usual seminar we have with Dave Turton, but always useful and interesting. We Covered things we haven't don't before and have plenty of new applications to practise in class. After the seminar was a Sdf modern street combat grading. It was a great performance from Rich Ogden who passed his 2nd Dan Black belt. A credit to the club and it showed what can be achieved when one puts the time in on the mat. Rich is one of our longest serving students and trains several times a week. He's never pushed for a grading but it showed today just all those hours week in week out have paid off! Another well deserved 3rd Dan black belt was achieved by Richard lane. His teaching and instruction showed through today in the seminar and the grading. It's great to know we have a very strong and determined instructor who is producing students who understand and implement the principals and technical skills of the Sdf so well. Here's to more of the same and our continued improvement. 

Saturday's family class

It's been a great mornings training and especially in the family Ju-Jitsu class at 9.30am. It's always enjoyable seeing everyone develop but now the young juniors are able to help the adults and seeing their confidence grow while doing so is wonderful. We are never to old to learn and never to proud to be taught be someone younger. Lovely to see such variety and the respect everyone showed to one another. 

Dave Turton Seminar

Well next weekend (July 10th) is the Dave Turton seminar that will be covering Advanced Applications and possibly Knife Fighting. We are expecting another great mornings training and tuition from a genuine 10th Dan.

It is rare to find a man that knows so much regarding the physical aspects but also the theory and history of a huge variety of Martial Arts. There is a wealth of knowledge that can be passed on and it is only possible if you get on the mat and train. You can read and learn, but there is no substitute for time on the mat.

It is always a great pleasure to have Dave down and the regulars that come are always talking about it for several weeks after. We are all looking forward to this one as we haven't covered it before.